Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Squared Dice Bag

Woo!  New pattern!  And this one is for knitting.

I know there are a bunch of dice bag patterns out there, but what's it gonna hurt there being another freebie out in the world?

Square Dice Bag

-Worsted Weight yarn in a fun colour.  This can be a self striping yarn, an ombre, multi-coloured, or even scraps you just love and want to use for something.  Just make sure they're all worsted weight.
-A set of 3.5mm(US size 4), or 3.75mm(US size5) DPNs, or a long circular needle in one of those sizes for Magic Loop.
-Stitch marker
-Tapestry needle

The Bag
Cast on 15 with whatever cast on you like.  I like long tail, but just about any cast on should work for this.

Knit 15 rows in stockinette stitch

Turn your work 90 degrees, pick up 15 along the side.  Turn 90 degrees again, pick up 15 stitches along your cast on edge.  Turn 90 degrees one more time, pick up 15 stitches along the side.  You should have 60 stitches on the needles.

You are now working in the round.  If using DPNs, place your stitch marker on the needle holding the first 15 stitches.  Your marker stays with these first 15 stitches.  When you come to it, just slip it like you would for any other project. 

If you're going for the Magic Loop method, you can either do the same as if using the DPNs, or just mark a row near the start of the round, and leave it there.  The side with the marker is the start of your round.

Purl for 1 round.

Now follow this
Round 1) Knit around
Round 2) *Knit 14, Purl 1, repeat from * around
Repeat these 2 rounds until your bag is 4-5 inches tall from the Garter Ridge, end on a knit round.

Eyelet round
*K2tog, YO, K1, repeat from * around.

Knit 2 plan rounds
Bind off with your prefered bind off method.  Weave in your ends.

The Drawstring
Cast on 2, knit an I-cord until the drawstring is the length you want.  Bind off.  I don't bother weaving in the ends with this.  I just pull both yarn ends really tight so they don't unravel.  You can weave them in if you want to, though.

The Closing Do-Dad (optional, as you can just tie the bag shut with the drawstring)
Cast on 10
Knit in the round for 5 rounds.

Bind off with the standard knit stitch bind off.  This may seem a bit tight, but this is to your advantage, as it will help keep the bag closed.  Weave in the ends.

Weave the drawstring through the eyelets.  If you decided to not weave in the ends on the drawstring, you can make this a bit easier on yourself by threading one of those ends, and using the tapestry needle to help guide your drawstring through the eyelets.

Pass both ends of the drawstring through the Do-Dad, if you decided to make it.

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