Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Check in time again!

Still no new crochet patterns to share(but I am working on a pattern for Pachimari from Overwatch!), but I have more knitting progress to share.

Bam, another sweater!  This is $5 in Paris, a free Ravelry pattern.  The yarns I used was Red Heart with Love, in the colors Black, and Berry Red.

This one is the Peggy Sue, free from Ravelry(big surprise, right).  This one is a little bit of a fail, but not much as the February Lady was.  It's a bit loose, but I can live with it.  Yarn was Red Heart with Love, in the color Boysenberry.

Not a sweater!  Yes, I knit more than sweaters.  This is the Sylvia Eyelet Cowl.  I made this one for my Mother-in-Law for Mother's Day.  She loved it!  Yarn was Red Heart with Love, in the color Blue Hawaii.


Finally, for this check in, we have Skoosh!  I fell in love with this pattern, not gonna lie.  I'm actually making this one again, for myself.  The lovely grey one above was made for my Mother.  Yarn was Red Heart with Love, in the color Pewter.

And that's that for this check in.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Opps, been away for a long time again

Sorry for being away again for so long.  I've kind of gotten obsessed with knitting, and not making patterns.  At least I have pictures to share of the things I've knit!

Here's a sweater that I made for my niece, and thanks to the nice, freshly pealed banana color of it(according to my husband, this yarn is the same color as a freshly pealed banana), my nephew can wear it when the niece is too big for it.
The niece wearing her sweater!  This is a free pattern I found on Ravlery.  You can find it here.

Next up, another sweater!  Fair warning, I have made mostly sweaters in these past months.  I'm a little sweater obsessed.
This one was made for my Mother.  This is also a free Ravelry pattern, but I altered the neck of it.  My Mother's not the biggest fan of cowl necks on sweaters, so I just improvised the neck.  Really easy alteration, too.  I just picked up the same number of stitches for the neck the pattern called for plus 1, did seed stitch for 4 rounds, decreased a total of 4 stitches in round 5(2 at each shoulder), then did 2 more rounds of seed stitch.
Just a shot of the back of Mom's sweater.
Here's the same pattern as my Mom's sweater, made for me!  This one was made in the largest size, and the cowl neck done as the pattern calls for.
Just a quick back shot.  I love how the raglan increases look.

This one, was, well, a bit of a fail.  Well, not really, it just came out bigger than I thought it would.  So, I gave the sweater to my Mother-in-Law.  She likes loose fitting clothes, so it works out.  This is the February Lady Sweater, from Ravlery.

Last bit of knitting for this post!
Hey!  It's not a sweater!  This is the Murcia Shawl, from Ravlery.  I made it with this color, thinking I'd like it.  After finishing it, not so much.  Whoops.  Thankfully, my Aunt-in-Law likes it.  So, this will be going to her.

I do have other things done, but I haven't taken pictures of them as of yet.  When I do, I'll just make a new post to show them off.  Links to the patterns used will be included.