Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Simple Knitted Wash Cloth

Okay, I know I said I was going to post more often, and I'm sorry for not doing so.  I've just been a mix of tired, wired, unmotivated with inspiration, and motivated with out inspiration.

At least I've started posting again.

And with all this, I bring you my first knitting pattern!  It's not anything to write home about in the looks department, but one of these with a good dish liquid will get your dishes looking lovely.

Please keep in mind that I've never written a knitting pattern before, so if I screw up, please let me know!

Simple Knitted Dish Cloth Pattern

What you'll need:

  • Cotton WW yarn
  • Size 10 knitting needles
  • J hook(optional for casting off, as it's much easier for me to use one)
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Cast on 30, knit until you have 24 ridges of garter stitch, cast off, ch 15, reattach to wash cloth(The J hook really helps with the chaining bit for me), F/O, weave in ends.

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